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"Every child is precious" is our slogan

Our Philosophy

Kuddles In-Home Childcare and Education provides a nurturing and caring learning home environment for all Tamariki (children), whanau (families) and Kaiako (Educators/teachers). We see ourselves as an extended family providing flexible options that respect each families individual needs and aspirations.

A secure and strong sense of belonging through our bicultural and multicultural practice, ensures each unique culture and language is embraced and celebrated throughout our programme. We believe in building close relationships between parents/whanau, educators, teachers/coordinators and the community.

Children learn best through play, which is why play is at the heart of everything we do. Through fun, individualised education plans for each child, children are empowered and challenged to become independent, creative and confident learners that are well supported through their first five years.Carefully thought out experiences and resources allow children time to explore at their own pace in the security of our loving and warm home environments.

“Every child is precious .”

Our Values

  • Learning:  Children are supported to learn through play with a variety of fun, learning rich environments, empowered to become confident and competent learners. High quality, individualised learning programmes for each child are implemented in partnership with parents in home based environments.
  • Relationships:  Strong relationships with whanau and educators.
  • Language & Culture:  To embrace and respect each culture and language of our whanau, tamariki and team where each individual feels a strong sense of belonging.
  • Trust & Respect:  Flexible childcare from a well-established ECE provider parents can trust and where tamariki, whanau and educators have a shared respect for each other.
  • Communication:  Open and honest communication where aspirations for children are a key priority through shared reciprocal relationships
  • Bi-cultural Heritage:  Commitment to embracing bicultural practice, understanding and honouring the Treaty of Waitangi
  • Community:  Continued connections with the local community
  • Continuous Improvement:  Staff, educators, whanau are supported in their own learning, working towards growth and continuous improvement

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"I really appreciate that your programme focuses on child development and there learning capabilities. As per my perception kids should be involved in extracurricular activities that will enhance there skills and interest to learn more and more." - Priyanka Arora

Priyanka Arora

"I would like to thank Kuddles and your team for the great caring and loving nature given to our child in our absence. He was well adjusted with the educator and no doubt she has a natural bond with kids and also is very caring, loving, mindful, cheerful, trustworthy & honest educator." - Fozia Sifaaz

Fozia Sifaaz

"I cannot thank Kuddles enough for my child's educator who has been outstanding. A big, big thank you to you, your wonderful staff and for the wonderful service offered. Keep up the ongoing good work and good environments you provde." - Shilpa Jenkins

Shilpa Parab Jenkins

"Thank you Kuddles for everything. Shayene has developed and learned a lot with her educator who provided her with lots of different resources and learning supported by your Visiting Teacher. She is confident to start school." - Anshu Ali

Anshu Ali

"Kuddles' programmes are responsive to children’s interests and strengths. Educators provide appropriate resources to enhance children’s learning. Parents speak with appreciation about the personalised care provided" - Education Review Office, 2012."

Education Review Office


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